Why Choose Us?

Limited approaches to qualitative research, means the results will be limited as well. Often the wrong questions are asked or critical issues remain unexplored. Consumers often can’t articulate the real reasons for what they do in general or how they choose products or services in particular. They often select something in a heartbeat, largely or wholly influenced by their unconscious minds. Even when they think they are making highly considered decisions, consumers are virtually blind to the ways their unconscious influences their behavior. Social scientists have estimated that up to 95% of human thought occurs below conscious awareness and this means that automatic processes drive most people’s actions.

Catherine Cooper and her team draw on a select suite of techniques that vaults over traditional qualitative research approaches to help clients understand their audience’s unconscious motivations. By delving far down into their personalities, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles, the firm uncovers the universal principles at work and pinpoints what lies behind consumers’ behavior—what motivates them, what influences them, what makes them tick.


Armed with this essential information about consumers and the emotions driving their decisions, Catherine Cooper Qualitative Research’s clients gain effective foundations for designing successful marketing strategies and for building winning marketing programs.