Our commitment

Our success is linked to our clients’ success. We gain immense satisfaction by investing our talents in helping clients achieve their personal and corporate goals. We spend time on the front end to clearly understand the objectives and scope of a project, so we can best tailor cutting edge research solutions. On the back end, we provide assistance in translating the insights into business recommendations to ensure our clients are getting the finest information to inform their decision-making.

Our visual impact reports immediately deepen clients’ understanding and appreciation of their target markets, ingraining the new intelligence in their minds so well that they always keep their audience front and center when developing and designing communications and new products.


Catherine and her team consistently delivers personalized, attentive service on every project.  Their fresh insights and approach to understanding the consumer and decision-making makes them a vital asset and true research partners.

Research Manager, CPG

Catherine Cooper Qualitative Research does not limit its role to providing description of sample responses.  Rather, the firm looks and digs deeper for the significance and meaning that informs those responses.

Brand Manager, Financial Services

Catherine and her professional team are those rare market researchers who can work equally effectively with all levels of decision makers in engineering, planning, creative, marketing, and manufacturing – all phases of product and service delivery.

Insights Manager, Technology

The insights & strategic direction I’ve received from Catherine and her team have enabled me to write some of my best and award winning headlines and copy!.

Creative Director, Advertising Agency